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There are few things that make a home feel more lived in than hanging your favorite art on the wall. Paintings, photographs, prints, and sculptures bring spaces to life and involve us in an ongoing conversation. Changing the art in a room can dramatically change the mood and how we engage with the space.

Selecting artwork is typically the last stage in the design process – unless the client already has an extensive collection. It is also at the root of our ongoing relationship with our clients. We are always meeting new artists and gallerists with exciting work that we want to share. As your life changes, you can be assured we know of an excellent piece that would help express the new mood you want to create.

Building Your Personal Collection

Whether you have an existing collection, or you are looking for your first pieces, we will work with you to design the right spaces to display your artwork. This collaboration provides a clear sense of what you would like and what will fit well within your home and budget. Based on your interests and goals – as well as the collections you wish to create – we will utilize art consultants and gallerists to find the ideal pieces for you.

Throughout our ongoing sessions, we will present new pieces and artists while keeping up with your evolving tastes and staying abreast of the most current trends. As you select pieces, we will install them and update furniture, lighting, and other art as necessary.

The Right Fit, Lighting, and Framing

A common misconception is that pieces of art have to be big. Certainly, there is a place for statement pieces and monumental canvases, but smaller pieces can be equally powerful. Where one fills a room, the other rewards continued exploration of the space and creates intimate moments and reveals.

Unsurprisingly, lighting design plays a crucial role in creating these experiences. From focused spotlights to ensuring even light across a large canvas, we can provide museum-quality lighting that helps showcase your art, define your space, and protect your investment.

The right framing and matting are also critical in proper presentation and scaling, as well as for ensuring the ongoing preservation and integrity of the work. From using archival matting and period-correct frames to considering environmental factors like HVAC placement and lighting, our historical and artistic background allows us to advise you on the best ways to preserve and display your artwork.

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