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Bathrooms have a split personality by nature. Some are private oases and others, like guest bathrooms and powder rooms, are public rooms for private needs. They are some of the most intimate spaces in our homes, but they often have the most outsized personalities, providing wonderful canvases to express personal style and celebrate what makes our homes unique.

From floor and wall tiles to designer showers to mixing and matching wood and stone, bathrooms offer an endless array of possibilities. We will guide you through each choice, using our architectural expertise to work from the walls out to create unique, thrilling, and functional spaces. We will ensure each space is scaled properly for your home while avoiding designs that make spaces appear overlooked and underutilized, or overblown and out of proportion.

In addition, we can design custom cabinets and furniture to define the structure and flow of the room. We can also incorporate special touches, such as heated floors, heated towel racks, hydro, and chromo therapy, as well as special lighting programs and shower settings to suit your needs and mood.

Master Bathrooms

Your master bath should be a refuge inside your home, a place where you can escape from the stress of life and enjoy calm and quiet. The design should reflect your personality and tastes and encompass the ideal escape you desire. A place where you should not have to worry about busy schedules or anyone else’s needs, your master bath is your own personal retreat just steps away from your bed.

To accomplish this, we create specific areas that enable partners to use different parts of the room simultaneously, reducing the need to stagger schedules or worry about someone else’s grooming habits. For example, as one person is getting ready in the morning, sitting at a custom-designed vanity, the other can be showering in their own personal space. This helps establish areas that are designated for each person, creating a sense of individuality for each while maintaining uniformity for the entire space.

Find out what working with the interior design team at Marshall Erb Design in Chicago can do for you.

Guest Bathrooms

Guest baths offer a unique opportunity to welcome overnight guests into your home and give them a space to relax and recharge. With invigorating showers, relaxing baths, easy-to-navigate storage, and handy towels, we can design a space that offers your guests an unforgettable experience while serving as an extension of your hospitality.

Powder Rooms

Powder rooms can often feel small and unloved. But just because they are compact does not mean they must lack charm or style. In fact, they can say as much about you and your home as a master bath; they just need to communicate much more succinctly. We can adapt the larger design themes and stories in your home for these smaller spaces without skipping a beat.

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