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With its rich architectural history and diverse design landscape, the Windy City is a treasure trove of inspiration for design enthusiasts. From historic buildings to modern spaces, the best Chicago interior designers are creating breathtaking, innovative designs that cater to a variety of tastes and styles. At Marshall Erb Design, you'll not only experience top Chicago interior designers and decorators, but also a friendly and personal staff that will guide you. Working together, we'll explore and uncover specific style aspects and architecture to bring your dream home, condo, or open space to life. We want you to communicate your dreams to us in every detail possible, no matter how big or extraordinary. We want to make your dream design and lifestyle a reality.

Interior Design Chicago - Timeless & Classic

It's one of the most beautiful and boldest cities of the modern era – an international place of timeless luxury and enduring character. And to all of those in the know, Marshall Erb symbolizes interior design in Chicago. Based out of Chicago, Illinois for 15 years, Marshall Erb's interior designers have helped the Windy City and Chicago area suburbs grow further into a world-renown metropolis of interior design. We provide luxurious and breathtaking interior designer services to some of the most prominent galleries, private homes, condominiums, and five-star hotels in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Our interior designers create classic environments of timeless and elegant designs that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Interior design starts with you. You have a vision. We bring that vision to life. Contact our interior designers to get started today.

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Awarded Top-200 Design Industry Influencers has, again, announced that our interior design firm has been selected as one of the "Top 200 Design Industry Influencers" of 2022. We are very excited to have our interior designers here at Marshall Erb included in this list! The yearly list includes interior design luminaries and a some of the true giants in the interior design field. What great company we keep! Just to be included is a huge honor. The list was compiled based on an exhaustive review of interior designers and their online presences, social media activities, and the awards in which they have won. Nation-wide industry experts were included on the list of top interior designer influencers. Within the field included home stagers, interior designers, home decorators, home designers, and other home design specialists. This is a great honor, once again validating our long-term approach of seeing that every individual project is viewed with fresh eyes and balancing the practical with the aesthetic in interior design.

Voted "Top-20 Best Interior Designers in Chicago"

Marshall Erb Design was announced by in the selection as one of the “Top 20 Best Interior Designers in Chicago” and has written about this in our blog section. This great honor and recognition among the interior design society validates the long-term approach of our design firm of trying to see each new project with a fresh set of eyes and balancing the practical with the aesthetic. In the list, has evaluated over 100 interior designers according to factors that included the overall experience of the interior designers, responsiveness, customer satisfaction, and the quality of their work. Per, “Marshall Erb is a licensed interior designer who utilizes his background in Architecture in each space he designs. Incorporating his knowledge of furniture, antiques, artwork, textiles, and period detailing into projects.” See more about our new award here...

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American Society of Interior Designers Award

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) hosted its annual design awards ceremony—the Celebration of Design: Design Excellence Awards—to honor this year’s esteemed winners. Joined virtually by clients, friends and family, Chicagoan Marshall Erb, chief interior designer and interior architect at Marshall Erb Design, graciously accepted the ASID Illinois award for Contract by Small Firm. Over 200 Chicago interior design community members and enthusiasts were treated to a cocktail reception and theater-style awards presentation. “It’s always wonderful to be recognized by your peers for doing good design,” says Erb modestly, whose gut rehab, design and build of the Sweeney, Scharkey & Blanchard offices was selected for the top honor. “While we specialize in both residential and commercial design, we are best known for our residential work. To be entrusted with this major project over a larger commercial firm, and then to have the finished project recognized by ASID… We are beyond honored.”


Marshall Erb Design - Best Chicago Interior Designers

In this exciting journey, we’ll explore the Chicago interior designers scene, its top designers, iconic projects, and the impact of the city’s architectural heritage. We’ll also take a peek into the future with design trends to watch in 2024 and offer tips for choosing the right Chicago interior designer. Lastly, we’ll celebrate the thriving design community and share notable showrooms and shops to inspire your next project.

Interior Designers in Chicago

  • Celebrate the remarkable talent of Chicago’s interior design scene, from top designers to iconic projects!
  • Be inspired by 2024 trends such as upcycling and statement ceilings.
  • Find your perfect designer with research, budgeting & communication, plus stunning showrooms for every style!

Exploring Chicago's Interior Design Scene

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Chicago’s interior design scene is a kaleidoscope of creativity, showcasing the best interior designers at work. With a thriving interior design industry, the city is home to multiple exciting design firms. One of the standout projects in Chicago is the 14th-floor apartment with a large art collection. The design theme for this stunning space was centered around the owner’s vibrant art collection, creating an atmosphere that is both timeless and elegant. The furniture in this apartment showcases the use of luxurious materials such as velvet, leather, and silk, adding a touch of sophistication to the space.

The Design Center at the Merchandise Mart is another gem in the city, offering the world’s largest resource for custom home furnishings and interior design. This design mecca, along with the renowned Art Institute of Chicago, contributes to the city’s status as a powerhouse of design and fine arts. With countless design studios, showrooms, and residential projects, Chicago’s interior design scene is a testament to its dedication to creativity and innovation.

From traditional designer homes to modern spaces, the Windy City’s interior designers are leaving their mark on the city’s landscape. Publications such as the Chicago Tribune, House Beautiful, Wall Street Journal, Houzz interior designers Chicago, and Modern Luxury Magazine frequently feature the work of these talented individuals, further solidifying Chicago’s reputation as a hub for interior design excellence.

Top Chicago Interior Designer

A team of top Chicago interior designers discussing a project in a design studio

As one of the top Chicago interior designers, Marshall Erb's projects include:

  • New Construction
  • Interior Lighting Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Bathroom Design Spaces
  • Millwork & Cabinetry
  • Custom Furniture Design
  • Remodeling & Renovation
  • Artwork, Framing and Placement
  • Commercial Office Interiors

Our Chicago interior designers have been featured in prestigious publications such as Modern Luxury Magazine for their outstanding work, showcasing their talents to the world. From contemporary elegant designs that are highly functional and sophisticated, to elaborated and vibrant spaces that fulfill functionality and comfortability, our interior designers in Chicago are making their mark on the city’s interior design landscape with their exceptional interior design services.

Explore the world of Marshall Erb Design, one of Chicago’s top interior designers. Discover the unique design philosophy and innovative approach that sets our firm apart and makes us a leading force in Chicago’s interior design community.

Marshall Erb Design

A beautiful interior design project by Marshall Erb Design, one of the top Chicago interior designers

Marshall Erb is a Chicago-based interior designer known for his innovative and timeless designs with historical references. His unique design approach blends the old and the new, creating stunning spaces that capture the essence of the past while embracing modern elements. With a strong focus on bold color and texture combinations, Marshall Erb Design transforms every space into a visual masterpiece.

From residential to commercial projects, this renowned design firm has a diverse portfolio that showcases their expertise in creating spaces that reflect their clients’ personalities and style preferences. Some highlights of Marshall Erb Design’s work include:

  • Upcycling vintage pieces to create unique and personalized spaces
  • Incorporating cutting-edge technology for a modern and functional design
  • A commitment to innovation and sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and practices

Their dedication to creating beautiful and sustainable spaces sets them apart in the industry.

Marshall Erb’s background in architecture, combined with his passion for interior design, enables him to create spaces with a unique perspective that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you’re seeking a designer who can successfully blend historical references with modern elements, Marshall Erb Design is the perfect choice for your next project.

Iconic Chicago Interior Design Projects

Marshall Erb Design's iconic projects not only showcase the immense talent of Chicago’s interior designers but also serve as a testament to the city’s dedication to innovation and creativity in the design world. From historic homes to modern condos, Chicago’s design landscape continues to inspire and captivate design enthusiasts around the globe.

The Impact of Architecture on Chicago Interior Design

A modern interior design project in Chicago with bold architecture and classical elements

Chicago’s rich architectural history, from Beaux-Arts classical to the innovative skyscrapers of the Chicago School, has greatly influenced its interior design scene. Prominent architects such as Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright have left a lasting impact on the city’s architectural landscape, inspiring a unique and diverse interior design aesthetic that reflects the city’s multicultural heritage.

The eclectic mix of architectural styles in Chicago, such as postmodernism and art nouveau, has translated into a variety of design elements and influences in interior spaces. Additionally, Chicago’s emphasis on balance, harmony, and incorporating natural elements, such as living plants, has become a core tenet of the city’s interior design philosophy. Some examples of this can be seen in:

  • The use of geometric shapes and patterns inspired by the city’s skyscrapers
  • The incorporation of industrial materials, such as exposed brick and metal accents, to reflect the city’s history
  • The integration of natural light and views of the city’s iconic skyline

From iconic buildings like the Tribune Tower to the innovative designs of the Chicago School of Architecture, the city’s architectural heritage serves as a foundation for creativity and design in the interior spaces of Chicago.

The influence of Chicago’s architectural heritage on its interior design scene is evident in the work of the city’s best interior designers. From incorporating elements of the city’s iconic architecture into their designs, to drawing inspiration from the diverse range of styles and influences found in the city’s buildings, Chicago’s interior designers continue to shape the city’s design landscape in exciting and innovative ways.

Chicago Interior Design Trends to Watch

A modern interior design project in Chicago with clean lines and modern elements

Looking forward to 2024, keeping an eye on the evolving interior design trends will be crucial to stay in tune with Chicago’s dynamically stylish spaces. Some exciting trends to watch for include:

  • Upcycling and sustainable design
  • Nature-inspired spaces
  • The return of warm colors
  • Curves replacing straight lines
  • The use of bold wallpaper and statement ceilings

Additionally, modern rustic style, elegant farmhouse style, and modern Spanish style are expected to be all the rage in Chicago’s interior design scene.

In terms of color trends, industry experts predict that both bold and neutral tones will dominate the design landscape in 2024. This includes a diverse palette of hues that can be found in various sources such as Luxe Source, House Beautiful, and Elle Decor. Moreover, sustainable and eco-friendly design principles will continue to gain traction as designers look for ways to reduce their environmental impact.

Digital innovations will also play a significant role in shaping Chicago’s interior design trends in 2024. Improved accessibility through technological advances in product development and the adoption of experience design trends are expected to influence the city’s design scene. With these exciting trends on the horizon, Chicago’s interior design landscape is set to continue evolving and inspiring design enthusiasts around the world.

Tips for Choosing the Right Chicago Interior Designer

A team of interior designers discussing a design process with a client in a design studio

Choosing the right interior designer in Chicago can be a daunting task, but with the right approach, you can find the perfect match for your project. First, research potential designers by reviewing their portfolios and previous work. This will give you an idea of their style and expertise.

Next, schedule consultations with the designers you’re interested in working with and evaluate their compatibility in terms of communication, vision, and goals for your home. When discussing fees and contracts, make sure to establish a realistic budget and timeline for your project. Doing so will align the expectations of both you and your designer and reduce potential misunderstandings down the line.

Lastly, don’t forget to check online reviews and ask for references from the designer to gain further insight into their work and client relationships. By following these tips and considering factors such as the designer’s style, expertise, and communication skills, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect Chicago interior designer for your project.

Celebrating Chicago's Interior Design Community

The thriving interior design community in Chicago is a testament to the city’s dedication to creativity and innovation. With talented interior designers, decorators, and industry professionals contributing to the city’s design culture, Chicago’s interior design scene is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Various annual events and festivals centered around interior design also contribute to the celebration of Chicago’s design community. These include the Chicago Architecture Center’s Open House Chicago, the Architectural Digest Design Show, and NeoCon, which serves as a hub for the commercial design community. Initiatives and programs such as the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), the Interior Design Society (IDS), and the Design Your World education pipeline program by IIDA also support the interior design community in Chicago.

While celebrating the achievements and contributions of Chicago’s interior design community, we must acknowledge the immense talent and innovation exhibited by these professionals. Their dedication to creating beautiful, functional, and sustainable spaces not only enriches the lives of their clients but also elevates the city’s design landscape as a whole.

How to Get Started with a Chicago Interior Designer

A team of interior designers discussing a project in a design studio

The exciting process of initiating a project with a Chicago interior designer kicks off with comprehensive research and a detailed consultation, which are essential parts of the design process. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Find potential interior designers by browsing their portfolios and learning about their design philosophy.
  2. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, schedule consultations to discuss your preferences, vision, and goals for your home.
  3. Provide any available plans or examples of designs you like or dislike during the consultation.
  4. Discuss a realistic budget and timeline for the project.

Throughout the project, communication is key. Regular updates and feedback from your designer will ensure the success of the project and help you stay informed about the progress of your space. As the design work unfolds and construction begins, you’ll witness the transformation of your space into a reflection of your personality and style preferences.

A combination of diligent research, thorough preparation, and open communication can make your experience with a Chicago interior designer both enjoyable and rewarding. As you embark on this design journey, remember to keep an open mind, trust your designer’s expertise, and enjoy the process of creating a space that truly reflects your style and personality.

Get Started With the Best Chicago Interior Designers Today

Throughout this exciting exploration of Chicago’s interior design scene and interior design industry, we’ve discovered the city’s rich design history, iconic projects, and talented designers shaping the landscape. From timeless and elegant designs to innovative and sustainable solutions, Chicago’s interior design community is a celebration of creativity, innovation, and passion.

As you embark on your design journey, remember the tips and trends we have shared on this page, and don’t be afraid to seek inspiration from the incredible work of Chicago’s interior designers at Marshall Erb Design. With their expertise and dedication to creating beautiful, functional spaces, the Windy City’s design scene is sure to continue inspiring and captivating design enthusiasts for years to come.


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