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Retail Spaces

The moment someone walks through your doors, your business needs to stand out from your competition.

Your store is a physical manifestation of your brand. The layout, décor, lighting, and staging should reflect what makes you special. Your store says as much about your brand as your logo or website does.

What experience do you want to create when someone walks in? How do you want to guide them in discovering your products and engaging with your services? How do you tell your unique brand story in a way that invites them to come back?

Office Design

Similar to a retail space, your office space should embody your brand. However, where retail spaces are almost exclusively customer-focused, your office should reflect the needs of the people who work there.

From ensuring proper ergonomics at individual workstations to creating functional spaces for collaboration to providing inviting common and reception areas, well-designed office space is integral to the smooth functioning of your business.

At the executive level, individual offices need to establish authority and provide an effective environment for conducting meetings with clients, vendors, and other stakeholders, while reinforcing company values.

Residential Common Areas and Lobbies

No one wants to feel like they are walking into a bland hotel or a corporate office when they enter the lobby of their home. Buyers and renters expect superior amenities and modern, well-designed common areas. These should be places they can use to socialize outside of their apartments, that also provide a sense of community.

We can design spaces that are the right mix of public and private. These include comfortable places to meet friends and guests, lounge areas to get to know neighbors, and extra entertainment rooms for larger celebrations and events.

Restaurant Design

Good restaurant design is about creating a special experience at every table. The combination of table layout, lighting design, and décor should create a space that fits the restaurant’s concept while allowing diners to have intimate moments with their companions.

The lighting design needs to be impeccable. Recall restaurants where the lighting has been substandard: too bright, poorly placed, or it fades away, leaving guests squinting at their meal. Poor lighting adversely affects your diners’ experience

Instead, we can create an overall design where every detail complements the culinary experience you have worked so hard to develop. Everything from the noise level to the tactile experience of the surfaces and utensils to the artwork on the walls works harmoniously to create an environment that best showcases your menu.

Hotel Design

We create a design program that brings a sense of place and timeless elegance to outdated buildings. With the right colors, visual lines, and fixture placements, we can transform empty lobbies into dynamic, multi-use spaces that amaze guests while giving them personal spaces to socialize and conduct business.

From grand entrances and ballrooms to intimate guestrooms, we will create a delight for the senses that exudes luxury and provides guests with the opportunity to relax and recharge. We draw inspiration from your location and the building’s history, as well as from local artists, to design enticing spaces that beg to be shared on social media while leaving your guests enchanted.

Find out what working with the interior design team at Marshall Erb Design in Chicago can do for you.

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