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Your unique home needs unique furniture. Don’t compromise. We can design a timeless space that fits your needs by creating the perfect table, cabinet, or seating. Our architectural experience, deep knowledge of historical periods and styles, and extensive connections with talented craftspeople ensure that we will create something that offers quality, style, and function that you will not find anywhere else.

Why Custom?

Choosing custom furniture comes down to three reasons: scale, style, and craftsmanship.

First, custom-size sofas and tables can be scaled to fit perfectly in a large living room without getting lost. Similarly, custom stools fit perfectly under a counter. With custom furniture, you have complete control of the finished product. This ensures that every piece fits harmoniously and aligns with the design narrative of each room in your home. Also, having complete control over the size of the piece means that you can make furniture that fits your body perfectly. Because nothing is more luxurious than comfort.

Second, your personal style does not stop at pattern choices and pillows. Part of the joy of designing your home is creating little unexpected moments, where detail is revealed in a new light. Custom furniture gives you the opportunity to layer in your personal style and create fun details that are noticed when someone sits at a chair or opens a drawer.

Third, craftsmanship is crucial. From selecting the best materials for the job to using traditional methods and an artisan’s obsession with quality, custom furniture is built to withstand the test of time. Unlike even high-quality store-bought furniture, custom furniture is truly heirloom quality. Made with solid wood, it is repairable and durable.

Finally, it does not cost as much as you may expect. Ordering customized pieces from a chain furniture store can be very expensive. But, because we work directly with the artisans, we shorten the supply chain and incur less overhead. And, because every order is custom, there is no upcharge for getting exactly what you want.

Find out what working with the interior design team at Marshall Erb Design in Chicago can do for you.

Marshall Erb - custom furniture
Marshall Erb - custom furniture design

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