playroom design

Excellent ideas of Interior Design for Play Rooms

Interior design for play rooms must be different from a room for adult or any other room in the house. Diverse range of ingredients can be used for a perfect playroom. Magical setting is necessary for the kids without any doubt. In addition to maintenance of wow factor, you must be aware about the safety issues also. Creation of an activity zone along with the plush seating for the kid can be considered as a challenge.

Minimalism is a trend that must be maintained with the interior design for play rooms. Defined lines of designs can be seen with the child’s room too. It may be important to think about the storage option and beautiful themes at the same time. Kids’ appreciation cannot be obtained easily. Per, by following designs, it may possible to enjoy both comfort and extravagance. Designs are quite practical at the same time.

Layout for the Playroom:

Based on the space available, layout for the playroom must be created. It may be important to know whether the room is large or not. The room can be shared by multiple kids also. If it is a shared room then design must be done accordingly. For the purpose of storage, walls can be used in effective manner. To do creative things, the center must be kept free.

Stay like Harry

Playroom of gender neutral manner can be created with the carpet and beige walls. The rooms are created by utilizing remaining area under the stairs. Therefore, similar feeling to Harry Potter’s room can be obtained in the process. Mini house can be created out of it quite easily. Little bit of imagination must be used to decorate the room on the occasion.

Cover the walls with book shelves

In the playroom, space must be kept for the books certainly. Over the walls, shelves can be created to keep the book in perfect manner.

Lets’ have fun and work on same time

If a space in the house is wasted then an activity wall can be created out of it.  Some desks can be kept at the side of the room. However, the walls can be used for artistic creations. On the batting, some adhesive can be sprayed. Later on, it can be placed on the wall. You can use some paper cutting to create design over the walls. Similarly, kids can be inspired to do the same. Look of the playroom can be increased in the process certainly.

Craft Table

By using an old table from the kitchen, a craft table for the kid can be created. It is better to decrease the height of table by cutting its leg in effective manner. In the center of the table, art pieces can be retained to engage the kid further.


Open the window

In a narrow space, playroom can be created with the assistance from a window seat. Two kids can easily play in the location. Through white base on the walls with grey cushion, location can be decorated. However, pillow, toys and other items must be vibrant in color. Contrasting effect can be created with the process.

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