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Sometimes a home needs a renovation to restore its structure and adjust its look. Other times, a home needs a structural shift. Or, you may need to change your home – both in design and layout – because of your changing needs.

Does a renovation or remodel make more sense? With our extensive knowledge of design, architecture, and antiques, we can help you determine the best choice for your home and lifestyle.


Whether you are repairing or restoring your home, our primary goal is to preserve the elements you love while creating your dream space. We work with you to change what is unsuccessful and enhance what is successful. When it comes to homes with historically significant details, we maintain the integrity of the period while updating structural and functional elements. We want to keep the tradition and character of the space alive while allowing your home to thrive for years to come.

Renovation requires more than design and architectural knowledge; it requires the right team. Our team evaluates the structure of your home so that we understand what needs to be repaired, what needs to be preserved, and where we can make changes. Finally, our ability to design and manufacture custom millwork and furniture ensure that we can get even the smallest details right. This will help to enhance the style and charm of your unique home.


Your home should reflect your lifestyle. Even if the structure is strong, the interior may need an update.

Remodeling offers many of the same opportunities as new construction, but with some limitations depending on the extent of the project. You might remodel your home for myriad reasons: to live in a more creative and luxurious space, to add practicality and efficiency, to make your home a source of pride rather than distress, or to give your home a long-needed makeover.

Regardless of the reason you choose to remodel, our work will transform your home to reflect modern design styles with furnishings that are not only luxurious but reflective of who you are.

Find out what working with the interior design team at Marshall Erb Design in Chicago can do for you.

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