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Interior Design in the Chicago Style

If you are living in Chicago and going to start of an interior design project, you may feel curious to know what style you should for your home so that it can match the contemporary interior design trend. Whether you are going to decorate a single room, an entire house, a mansion or a bungalow, it is essential to know the trends of interior design in the Chicago style so that you will have the basic understanding of the project. Actually, the interior designing trends in Chicago do not necessarily follow any particular style. Rather, the homeowners choose different trends of interior design as per the ambience of their space.

Here are some common interior design styles discussed in the article so that you will gain common understandings of the matter –

  • Modern Interior Design Style

Adopted from the European designers, the modern interior designing style in Chicago focuses on clean-lined decoration and functionality over form. You cannot expect the excessive use of accessories and decorative equipment in this design. The modern design means to promote a sense of simplicity and calmness in the home.

You will find the minimalistic use of textures and different bold geometric forms in combination of neutral colors accentuating a single bold color in the modern interior design style in Chicago. It is ideal for the small spaces and apartments to maximize the look.

  • Contemporary Interior Design Style

Although modern styled interior design and contemporary styled interior design are used interchangeably, they do have some differences. In contemporary style, the designing focus basically remains on trendy looks at the current moment. On the other hand, modern interior style means the specific geometrical and clean-lined style. Contemporary interior designing styles are more comfortable and welcoming and these are usually following in most of the Chicago offices, stores and homes. The style refers a quiet and comfortable retreat. Its basics are bare and bold. Choosing the appropriate furniture for the contemporary style is crucial as the pieces need to be simple and uncluttered, excluding decoration or curves.

  • Minimalistic Interior Design Style

You can also consider the minimalistic style for your home if you want to simplify your living space focusing on the essential quality. Here, ornamentation does not have any key role as everything is decreased to a stage from where you will be unable to remove anything more. The key point of this design is the use of cool colors, especially white or blue lighting. Only the minimum furniture are kept in the large open spaces. Therefore, storage is the key point for this Chicago styled interior design. An ideal example of this style is the minimalistic kitchen.

  • Classic Interior Design Style

Combining order, symmetry and balance, the classic styled interior design is followed in Chicago where the variety of classic color palettes including yellow, brown, green and blue are used. There should be a focal point in the living space and most of the cases, fire place plays the role. You will also find the natural styled flooring with wood, marble or stone for maintaining the classical style.

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