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Memories are made in the kitchen. A properly-designed kitchen is not just where you craft exquisite meals, but also the hub of your parties and the heart of your entertaining. We want to create a space that not only excites you about cooking but also lets you delight in sharing your meals with the ones you love.

An ideal kitchen incorporates preparing, cooking, eating, and entertaining: a space where you and others can collaborate in creating and conversing. The best kitchens also include a layout that allows you to accomplish your tasks without frustration as you move from one to another. To accomplish this, we think about the correct placement of work surfaces, appliances, and lighting. We take into consideration recessed lights for entertainment, pendant lights for food preparation, and the usage of a large island light for dual-purpose cooking and entertainment spaces. We design your kitchen to reflect your needs.

A Feast for Your Senses

Being in your kitchen should be as enjoyable as eating the food you prepare there. Through the choice of flooring, cabinets, countertops, appliances, and lighting, we mix and match materials, textures, and colors to create a space that provides a feast for the senses without being overwhelming or difficult to maintain. We do far more than find a backsplash that matches your cabinets; we find unique ways to express your personality and style.

For example, how do you want to display your china or serving ware? Is there a type of stone or wood that you love? Is there a stove you must have? As you answer these questions, we can help you curate your perfect culinary experience.

We also help you decide what tools you truly need. Your kitchen should not be a swiss army knife that houses a gadget for every possible cooking situation. We can guide you in selecting the best tools for how you use your kitchen and arrange them in a way that makes sense for the rhythm of life in your home. Our goal is to make a space that marries form and function, and one that is a joy to be in.

Find out what working with the interior design team at Marshall Erb Design in Chicago can do for you.

The Heart of Your Home

Many parties end up in the kitchen. Unless your space is severely restricted, every kitchen should also include room for entertaining and working together. Think about a family leaning over a countertop, making a holiday meal; friends congregating at a kitchen island, laughing and trading stories over a good drink and good food; or kids swinging their feet as they sit at a breakfast bar. Chances are you have a special memory that ties back to time spent in a kitchen – yours, your grandmother’s, or a good friend’s.

The food, laughter, and togetherness that kitchens represent are at the heart of how we entertain. At the same time, the kitchen shouldn’t try to be all rooms. A well-designed kitchen also lets people know when it is time to leave for a more formal setting.

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