Looks To Look For: Embracing Curves


Designers Marshall Erb, Don Ricardo Massenburg and Rachel Moriarty sit down with Kathryn Given, Senior Style and Design Editor at LUXE Design TV, to talk through the hottest trends from High Point Market.

By Elise Hofer Shaw

Looks To Look For: Embracing Curves

Kathryn Given: Right now I think people want to be surrounded by things that are maybe a little bit softer—maybe not too hard, not too linear. Tell us about embracing curves and this trend.

Don Ricardo Massenburg (Founder, Design Inkredible): All the exhibitors’ heads were going in circles basically. There were rounded edges everywhere, and it just seems like we’re all on board with embracing those playful curves. And so, I didn’t see a lot of large, boxy sectionals and straight-lined sofas. I feel like they are being swapped out for softer, more shapely-designed pieces. There were several pieces that I style spotted that had that kind of round nature. It felt like a hug like it was embracing you. And then not only upholstered pieces but also desks and coffee tables. There were a few pieces I spotted with the rounded edges, so I just felt like furniture now is doing a dual purpose: It’s furniture but it’s also art. So it’s like a sculptural sofa in the middle of the room that you notice immediately when you walk in. And, so, it’s not only for sitting. It’s now a statement piece in the room and I love it.

Kathryn: That’s a good point. And you picked out several pieces in particular that I loved. One was this Interlude Home armchair with beautiful lines. How would you use that?

Don: So oh definitely anywhere [laughs]. An office—two receiving chairs in an office. Or two accent chairs in a living space, or a cigar lounge, awesome club chairs, just the way they wrap around—amazing. They just feel like a hug, right?

Kathryn: I agree. I love that: feels like a hug, something very soft. And I have to point out this bed, too, this upholstered bed from Cavaletto Home that you just want to sink into. Tell me about this piece.

Don: So that piece is oversized. Size matters. So it’s an oversized piece, round edges. We’re calling it a shelter bed now rather than a wingback—and I love that term. It wraps around you and feels super cozy. But then there’s like a modern feel to it. And I just think this trend, you know, it was the ’80s, it was the ’70s, and I think it’s just come back and it’s beautiful.

Kathryn: And then, last but not least, is this sweet little nightstand [from Tov Furniture] which I just think you could put anywhere, right?

Don: Absolutely. And the thing about this is, again, for a smaller space, where you might not have tons of room when you do rounded edges, it just frees up a little bit of space. And what I like about this piece is it’s beautiful. It looks fairly luxe but you’re not gonna break the bank on it. So I definitely love that.