Looks To Look For: Textured Everything


Designers Marshall Erb, Don Ricardo Massenburg and Rachel Moriarty sit down with Kathryn Given, Senior Style and Design Editor at LUXE Design TV, to talk through the hottest trends from High Point Market.

By Elise Hofer Shaw

Looks To Look For: Textured Everything

Kathryn Given: And Rachel, I know it was you that mentioned that it was really about textured everything for you, right, when it comes to what you were seeing at Market. Interesting materials, you know, beautiful textiles… Tell us a little bit about this.

Rachel Moriarty (Chief Creative Officer, Rachel Moriarty Interiors): Yeah, it’s really funny because I really see everything through technicolor lenses. I mean, usually, when my trend report or style report comes out, it’s like this is the new color, and color is the new neutral or something like that, right? Which is one of my points [laughs]. But what stood out for me was this texture and it was everything. And, you know, Ryan Korban put out this sconce that looked like bark but it was put in epoxy with a plaster finish. I mean, they’re sandblasting clam shells… Just the relief of everything. All of the case goods have some sort of texture to them. Cerusing was already coming out, but I felt like there was a lot more of that. The fabrics as well… The chenilles were getting popular—bouclé already—but not only are chenilles popular, but it’s like a striée chenille. And so it was just like taking everything and turning the volume up a little bit more. That is what I think I feel like I saw.

Kathryn: I love that. I want to go through some of your pieces. One that struck me was this amazing Palecek Quarry table in this very, very interesting material. Where would you use that? Or how would you use it?

Rachel: Oh my gosh. Well, I love that because it’s white. And for me, I use white as sort of a graphic element because I use so much color in my spaces. White is really dramatic when you use a lot of color in spaces. So for me to use white, it’s got to have, you know, a lot of texture, and that one had the crushed clamshell texture to it.

Kathryn: Mmmm. And I love some of the upholstery pieces that you chose, your picks here. There was like this beautiful Bernhardt swivel and a Nathan Anthony chair that were both so enveloping, but the materials, you’re right, were top-notch, right?

Rachel: So cute, right? I think it was the Lulu swivel, it was so cute. It’s like a ‘Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet’ sort of a swivel—so adorable. And then the Nathan Anthony… I think that was one of the darlings of Market. I kept seeing everybody post that. It’s called the Embrace chair, and it has a little pink ball sofa, and it has a heart ottoman with it. And it was like the sweetheart—the belle of the ball, really.