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When you decide to build from the ground up, you want a home that reflects your lifestyle while also letting you and your family create new memories in the coming years. This will be your oasis and your stage: a place to relax and a place to entertain.

With great achievement comes great complexity. Were you impressed by a trip to India, but harbor an abiding love for the French countryside? Each aspect of your new home should reflect your tastes, needs, and dreams for the future. Even the millwork in the hallways, cabinet pulls in the kitchen, and the art on the walls should tell your story.

We begin our collaborative process by learning who you are and how you live in your current space. We get to know your lifestyle and your vision. We then develop concepts and blueprints, honing the details as we build toward a physical manifestation of where we want to live. We work with you to understand how you would walk through your new home, what you would like to achieve with each room, how and where to install lighting, and which millwork and cabinetry would fit with your design.

We have an architectural background and a deep knowledge of design styles and historical periods, which allows us to coordinate seamlessly with contractors and architects, ensuring your home is functional and beautiful at the same time. We consider the furniture and artwork as we progress, curating and designing pieces to create the overall feel you desire. From the first sketch to the final touches, we are committed to creating a home that meets all your needs.


Designing for Your Whole Life

Your dream home should be adaptable as your lifestyle changes and as you age. We use the most advanced practices in designing your home for safety and style. We ensure you have a superior design that endures – whether it’s modern or traditional –with the right materials and furnishings.

As you change, you should be able to add to your design narrative without resorting to a total overhaul. Careful consideration of the future uses of your space – what kinds of light need to be available, the types and height of the surfaces, the placement of the furniture – let you and your home grow together as your needs change. Details like the height of an oven in the kitchen, the ability to add railings in a hallway without taking away from the ambiance, or the ability to easily transition a room from a nursery to a sitting room are all part of our design process.

Find out what working with the interior design team at Marshall Erb Design in Chicago can do for you.


Marshall Erb - new home
Marshall Erb - New Construction

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