Shapes of Furniture for Interior Design Projects


An empty room provides a perfect opportunity for creativity. First, we come up with color themes that will depict our personality and make a statement to our guest. The second thing that hits us is what type of furniture we want. The various interior designs styles will determine the furniture style, and furniture finishes that we incorporate in the room. The shape of the furniture is also influenced by the interior design style that we choose.

The modern style projects use a lot of contemporary shapes of furniture to bring about a touch of sophistication and elegance. Metal, glass and marble stones are some of the common materials used in making modern style furniture.

Diamond shaped furniture

These are furniture that is used as a focal point of the interior design. The unique designs that range from the coffee table, sofas, shelves, and even beds are meant to give a statement of the interior décor.

shapes of furniture

The Eichholtz at di Alma gold finished coffee table is one of the perfect examples of modern diamond shaped furniture that is used as a focal point of the design. Any interior designer is always determined to make a focal point outstanding and relevant to the style. The gold coated metal frame creates the three dimension diamond illusion while the glass and marble base portray the modern furniture style and finishes.

L-shaped furniture

The L-shaped furniture is every interior designer’s dream because they are easy to incorporate. They are used in designs that inspire space and luxury. The L-shaped furniture also determines the centerpiece of the room and the accessories used to it. It makes the project a walk in the park.


Black and white are the safe colors used in the modern style because it allows the use of silver and gold accessories. The L-shaped sofa gives the room a sophisticated modern look while inspiring the surrounding décor.  Most of the L-shaped furniture need bright lighting to highlight them as the focal point.

3D furniture shapes

The 3 dimension furniture are the best thing that ever happened to interior design projects. They are inspired by everything around. The 3D furniture is used as the centerpiece of attraction in the room. Modern interior design projects incorporate these shapes of furniture because of their unique nature and detail in design and creation.


One thing that all 3D furniture have in common is the simplicity. This gives the designer an opportunity to accessorize the room with intricate designs.

Contemporary designs

Sometimes it’s hard to explain the complex personality in simple shapes. Marshall Erb designs use contemporary shapes of furniture to bring out the modern look and also express your personality and fantasies. Contemporary designs are inspired by wild imagination and blend of various familiar shapes into one item.


The Futuristic Modern Chairs are an example of contemporary shapes used in modern interior designs. The shapes of the furniture are used to make a statement and also make the style unique. Most artistic shapes of furniture will inspire neutral accessories to tone down the activity.

Rustic styles

Rustic designs aim at capturing the raw natural beauty. The furniture is inspired by nature and is usually made off wood, stone, natural fabrics, and metal. The texture of the material is maintained, and the shape of the furniture assumes the natural form of the element. Warm lighting is used you bring the beauty of the furniture in their most natural occurrence.


Wood is the standard material used in making rustic furniture. However, the stone can also be used for outdoor furniture.

The shapes of furniture used will depend on the theme of the interior design. The texture of the theme also inspires the texture of the furniture and intensity of the lighting. The size of the room and its shape can be put into consideration when choosing the furniture shape and size. There is some shape that makes the room appear bigger while there are those that make the room seem congested. Whichever shape of furniture you decide to go for it is good to try out new stuff. When you hit rock bottom, and you are not sure which shape to go with, Marshall Erb designers will always be there to make your fantasies a reality.