Shapes of Furniture for Interior Design Projects

At Marshall Erb Design, the focus is always on creating superb interior design concepts that will improve the functionality, usability and aesthetic appeal of the available space. When a client comes to us with their request for designing any space, the empty room is like a blank canvas for us.

Our team of skilled and experienced designers use their creativity and deep knowledge to design spaces that make a statement and reflect your personality. Furniture has a very important role to play in the overall design and theme of any room. Just like any other feature or installation in your house, you want your furniture to be comfortable, resilient, durable as well as stunning in every way.

Why Furniture Style and Shape Matters

Our designers will make sure that the styling of the furniture complements the interior design style in your home. Designing and building furniture is much more than focusing on styling concepts. It involves using the right kind of wood, other materials, and superb finishes to create beautiful furniture that can blend in perfectly with the styling of your home.

Since we are an experienced all-service interior design company, we have an eye for detail and deep understanding about the different types of architectural and interior designs styles. These ultimately influence the shape of the furniture we design for you.

Modern and contemporary-style furniture looks elegant and sophisticated, something of which our Chicago interior designers excel. In addition to different types of wood, materials such as glass, marble, natural stone as well as metal may be used to create stylistic furniture pieces for your home. Here we take a look at the different shapes of furniture for interior design projects:

Diamond Shaped Furniture

This becomes the focal point of any interior space. It has a unique appearance and can be used in furniture pieces such as sofas, coffee tables, shelves as well as beds and more. The simplicity and clean lines of diamond-shaped furniture makes it truly a statement piece in any type of setting.

shapes of furniture

The Eichholtz at di Alma gold-finished coffee table is a classic example of diamond-shaped furniture that is relevant to the modern interior design style. This table has gold-coated metal framework that gives the illusion of a 3D-diamond. Its marble and glass base lend a modernistic edge to the piece.

L-Shaped Furniture

Most interior designers like the idea of including L-shaped furniture, especially in living rooms or entertainment rooms. This piece is very easy to incorporate into most spaces, is luxurious and lends a very open and expansive look to the room. It lends a sense of symmetry to the room and also helps determine which centerpiece and accessories can be used to complete the look.

An L-shaped sofa fits in very well with the modern design concept while supporting the surrounding décor perfectly. Using a monochrome palette in modern décor allows you to use gold and silver accessories without making the space look too flashy or glitzy. It’s always a good idea to use some strategically-positioned backlighting fixtures to highlight the shape and form of the L-shaped sofa.

3D Furniture Shapes

Furniture with 3D styling is an excellent way to create a unique and stunning effect in any space. Even a single piece of 3-D shaped furniture can create a very detailed and unique look in a room. This type of furniture distinguishes itself from others styles in terms of its simplicity. The rest of the spaces can easily be accessorized using accent pieces or artwork with intricate designs,

Contemporary Shapes

Contemporary furniture seems very simplistic but can sometimes have a complex personality. It lends itself very well to modern structures and décor and makes use of interesting yet imaginative and creatively-designed features. We have extremely skilled designers on board that are able to create beautiful contemporary concepts in furniture, and even the simplest shapes can be made to look stunning and appealing.

Futuristic style chairs are a classic example of contemporary design. Not only do they look unique in appearance, but also support the use of artistic accessories that help tone down the busy look in the space.

Rustic styles

Furniture that has been designed in a rustic style has a very arresting appearance. In fact, a variant of this style, modern-rustic is increasingly being used in modern day homes. This interior design style is characterized by the use of natural fabrics, metals, natural stone, and hardwood.

This creates a perfect blend of warmth and beauty that also has a modernistic edge. We incorporate warm lighting in spaces that have been designed in a rustic style. This helps to highlight the beauty of all the natural elements and materials that have been used in this furniture

While there are a number of different styles and shapes of furniture, it is very important to use these in a balanced manner. The materials used, the styling and overall finishing of the furniture will decide how the room will look once all the features and installations are in place.

The seasoned Marshall Erb designers pay attention to aspects such as the available space, client preferences, the design theme as well as the shape and size of the room where the furniture is to be placed. When you hire us for your next interior design project, you can rest assured that you will have unique spaces with functional, resilient and stunning furniture that is a true reflection of your good taste.

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