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Trends of Interior Design for Chicago Restaurants

Chicago has some outstanding and inspiring restaurants in the world that not only offer the standout food and drinks, but also maintain the world-class standard of interior design. Once you enter here, the impressive atmosphere and great interior design for Chicago restaurants will certainly captivate your mind and spirit.

Have a look on the trend and style of interior design for the top Chicago restaurants ( that will mesmerize you with the colors and styles. You can use these ideas for your restaurant interior design upgrade.

  • Use Natural Textures

One of the current trends of interior design for Chicago restaurant is the use of natural textures in relation of nature. It helps to create a cozy ambience in the restaurant so that the customers will get more than just a delicious experience. The combination of wooden furniture with brass accessories, metal displays and leather bar chairs can appropriately create the proper natural texture inside the restaurants.

  • Set the Color Tones

As per the present trend of Chicago restaurants’ interior design, the main focus is given in four major palettes – Sentience (pastel tones), Chroma (graphic colors), Construct (Eclectic rich colors) and Entwine (earthy tones). Even you can follow the trend of using earthy yet vibrant color combining a strong connection with organic materials.

  • Combine Vintage Look with Modern Touch

You can also choose the use of vintage for the interior design of the restaurant. Here, you need to mix some vintage pieces that can match your contemporary hospitality plans. Choosing artistic pieces of furniture, velvet upholstery and different kinds of luxurious interior elements can serve the purpose of offering a modern interior design layout for the restaurants.

Touch of Marble Everywhere

Since marble is considered as the classy and refined material, you can certainly choose it for the interior design layout. The touch of marble can transform the look in easy and effortless way. Apart from marble flooring, it can incorporate the touch in furniture, display as well as in decoration touch.

  • Include Wall Art

Visit any top restaurant in Chicago and you will be impressed with the textures and patterns used on the walls. In fact, the use of wall art is one of the most effective ways to refurbish or create great restaurant interiors. Of course, wall art does not necessarily mean the velvet flocked and vintage looking wallpapers. Rather it focuses on abstract art, digital art, graffiti and those one-liners that adorn the walls of great Chicago restaurants. The use of graffiti of the wall creates an energizing and lively atmosphere in the restaurant. However, you need to use it in restraint manner so that it would not give loud and disoriented feel.

  • Keep Minimalist Furniture

Another popular trend on interior design for Chicago restaurants is the use of simple and clean lined furniture. In this way, the restaurants can give more importance on the functionality. Nowadays, you will rarely find heavily ornate furniture tables or chairs in the restaurants. Even the traditional theme or concept based restaurants are moving towards the trend of light furniture so that they can expose more structure and less upholstery.

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