Types of Wood in Interior Design


Wood is one of the perfect material that can blend with any interior design theme. The variety of grain pattern, stunning color, and texture brings natural beauty to any interior design theme. Marshall Erb Design is one of the few companies that bring a chemistry between wood and the interior designing. Knowing which type of wood to use on a particular object and theme is one of the secrets of making your interior design flawless. Wood can be classified into man-made and natural, but numerous types of woods fall under these categories. Here are types of wood in interior designing:


Designers who want to achieve aesthetic theme in their designs settle for oak wood. Its natural beauty that is versatile colors and strength make it favorable for flooring and furniture. Oak wood is naturally obtained in white and red variations. The unique and beautiful grain patterns make oak wood an ideal wood for your interior décor.

Cedar wood

Cedarwood is one of the widely used wood in designing interior walls and furniture. It is hardwood and has a darker tone which makes it favorable for any interior design because it does not darken fast. The natural sweet scent gives the room a cozy outdoor feeling.

styles of wood design


Pinewood is a darling because it is cheap, available, and beautiful. Most people prefer using pine wood in interior designs because you use a half budget to design the room than most woods fully. It brings a warm and relaxed sensation to the design, and the sweet scent lasts for a longer period. Most designers love pine wood because they are easy to work with and can be easily manipulated into the desired shapes.

Alder wood

Hardwood never disappoints whether used in furniture or designing the room. Alder wood brings a unique tone to the room inspiring comfort and peace. Designers manipulate the wood through staining or sanding to bring the desired texture. The golden color reflects light beautifully in the room.


When you want a unique blend of wood and other material in a modern interior design, then beech wood is exactly what you need. It has beautiful grain patterns and texture. The wood is flexible and can be manipulated to achieve satisfaction to various tastes. The wood is sturdy and is ideal for furniture and interior designs like floors, ceiling, even walls.

Lyptus wood

Lyptus wood designs bring the homely feeling in a home. The dark shades and unique patterns make it a great choice for wide floor paneling. It can also work well in millwork and cabinetry. The word is exotic and brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to the interior design.

Cherry wood

The safest and easiest option that most designers use in interior design when using wood is Cherry wood. The woods is versatile, and the dark tone fits any interior décor theme. The wood works well in cabinetry and flooring. Some daring designers can use it on the wall. One thing that makes this wood outstanding in interior designing is that it ages like wine. The older it becomes, the more beautiful it appears. However, this wood is expensive, but the finishing it brings is worth every penny.

Walnut wood

This wood comes in different shades depending on which geographical location they are grown. However, all the tones offer great colors that would make any interior designing a blast. Most of the designers use walnut wood for modern or classic interior designs. They are ideal for flooring and furniture because the wood does not expand or contract under normal conditions.

Padauk wood

The simplicity of the grain patterns and dark red color makes it versatile for any interior design styles. This is one of the strongest woods even more than oak. This hardwood is commonly found in Africa and Asia which makes it quite expensive when using it for your interior décor. It is great on furniture that is used as a focal point of the interior design.

When you get the best, interior design firm to do your project, they will be able to manipulate the wood to fit your taste. Wood is one of those materials that beat the effects of time. Professional advice will help you determine which woods are perfect for interior décor and where to place them. Marshall Erb Design is one of the reputable interior design firms that are familiar with the use of various wood types in interior designs.