Types of Wood in Interior Design

Wood is a widely used material in various features and installations in interior décor. There are a large number of wood species that come in a range of textures, colors and grain patterns. This variety gives interior designers like us at Marshall Erb Design the flexibility to create stunning design concepts for a range of interior structures and elements.

With years of experience behind us, we have what it takes to use the right types of wood, in the right measure to create superb balance and unique design concepts in different types of interior spaces. Creating flawless interiors is never a matter of chance. It takes a deep understanding of the different types of timber, how they behave, what types of finishes work well for them etc.

This helps us achieve the perfect balance of function and aesthetics in our creations. In addition to natural wood varieties, there are a number of manmade wood products like wood veneer that emulate the appearance and characteristics of the former. The different types of natural wood used in interior design include:


Oakwood is commonly used in different types of interior design themes. It’s hardy and resilient and available in various shades of red and white. This versatile wood can be used in making furniture as well as in flooring installations. Oakwood has a unique grain pattern that makes it a great choice for interior décor.

Cedar wood

Cedar is a superb wood with a classic appearance. It lends itself very well in the making of furniture and is also widely used as wall cladding. This hardwood has a dark color tone which means it fits in well with traditional and classic style interiors. But we also use this wood expertly in modern and contemporary-style interiors. Cedar wood also has a natural sweet aroma that lends an outdoorsy feel to the spaces it is installed in.

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Pine is another popular wood used in making furniture and other interior design features. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it’s easily available, looks beautiful and is pocket-friendly too. Pine costs approximately 50% less than most hardwood which makes it perfect if you are on a budget yet want some wooden features in your interior areas.

It emits a subtle, yet distinctively pleasant aroma to the space it is installed in and looks great in contemporary and modern-style interiors. Its light, yet sturdy, has a wide grain and is very easy to work with. This makes it possible for our skilled craftsmen to create artistic pine furniture  as per your needs.

Alder wood

Most hardwoods are suitable for furniture-making, wall paneling, and ceiling installations, décor, picture frames as well as cabinetry; and Alder wood is no different. It has a stunning appearance and subtle grain patterns in a light brown color. Its grains are distinctly straighter than hardwoods, such as ash or oak.

We use Alder wood for all types of custom woodwork projects and our experts can sand and stain it in order to achieve the desired texture. This wood resembles Birchwood, but is available at half the cost, making it the perfect to choice to create classy yet economical interior features.


This is a fine and elegant wood that can be used creatively in various interior features. It has a straight grain with a uniform texture and a moderate natural luster. Typically pale creamish in color, Beachwood sometimes comes in a brown or pink hue. This wood is more susceptible to insect attacks, but treating and sealing the wood lends it some resistance to insects. It machines and turns extremely well and can be easily glued and finished.

Lyptus wood

This hardy, Brazilian-origin wood species is dark in color and is similar to Honduran Mahogany and Black Cherry in appearance. It’s even, straight grains and medium texture can be sanded down and given a very unique look. We use this wood in our projects for flooring, cabinetry interior millwork, and turned objects. The overall appearance of Lyptus Wood is luxurious and elegant.

Cherry wood

This comes in variations such as American Cherry, Cherry, and Black Cherry with a distinctive look. The wood has a straight grain and is easy to work with. It’s extremely hardy and resistant to decay, making it perfect for interior as well as semi-enclosed settings like balconies, terraces, and covered decks and patios. It machines well and has a pleasant scent too. It’s perfect for making fine furniture, interior millwork, turned objects and cabinetry and ages beautifully.

Walnut wood

Walnut Wood comes in colors ranging from dark chocolate brown to lighter pale browns and can have darker brown streaks. Sometimes, it may have a reddish, purple or grey cast. This decay-resistant wood requires some treatment to protect it from insect attacks. It’s ideal for furniture, interior wall paneling, turned objects and cabinetry. Walnut wood lends a very sophisticated look to interior spaces and is widely used in various features and installations.

Padauk wood

This wood is elegant, with simple grain patterns. It comes in a dark red color that complements the look of various interior design themes. This resilient and strong hardwood is grown in Asia and Africa, making it an expensive product in the U.S. But the wood is superb in every way and any feature made using it becomes the focal point of the space.

Professional Interior Design Services

Over the past 15 years, the interior designers at Marshall Erb Design have worked with all types of wood types and have the skill, creativity, and expertise to create superb custom woodwork and furniture based on your preferred design concepts and themes. Our designers will work very closely with you to help you determine which wood or combination of wood will be best-suited to your interior design concept.

Our exquisite craftsmanship and use of only the best grade timber help ensure that you get superb furniture and wood installations for your interior spaces. When you choose Marshall Erb Design’s services, you are assured of high quality at very competitive costs.

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