Unique Styles of Interior Design


When coming up with an interior design for your home, you try to decipher the available designs that work for you. However, that should not be the case. Interior design should portray your personality, heritage, belief, lifestyle, or simply your dreams. When you have the right interior designs firm on your side, all you do is speak your mind, and the rest is delivered. Here are some unique styles of interior designs to inspire your taste:

Art and craft

The way your dress code makes a statement about you so should your interior design to your home. It brings out our fantasies and desires, part of us that we don’t speak out loud. Art has been used for centuries to express emotion, fantasies, and even sexuality. Art and craft interior design capture the natural beauty and elegance. Material such as wood, metal, and stones can be used to portray the craftsmanship.


When settling for art and craft interior the lighting of the room plays a major role in magnifying the beauty captured. For example, a sci-fi art and craft interior require bright lighting because most of the art is made of metal with bright colors. Natural art and craft themes adapt to warm lighting which adds mystery to many of the projects of interior design by Marshall Erb.

Traditional touch

Unique interior designs bring a feeling of belonging and ownership. Traditional interior designs portray class and elegance. Its simplicity focuses on the architectural details and abundance of accessories. This style of interior design is flexible and can be mixed with other styles to bring a masterpiece.

unique shapes in design

The fabric of the furniture, the tone of the floor and walls, and the colors used to present your heritage. Some cultures use floral which provides an open avenue to play with colors while most come with bold colors. The living room provides the best space to add the traditional touch of interior design.

Rustic style

Rustic interior designing is one of the different forms of designs that allow you to explore nature to its limits. This style utilizes unfinished and raw nature elements from nature to complement another style of design. Most people blend rustic styles and modern designs. However, there are no limits that you can’t stretch rustic styles to come up with of a kind interior designs. Marshall Erb design is one of the reputable firms that can help you come up with the perfect blend of styles that smoothly incorporate rustic style.

Focal point

When you are running low on budget, but you still want your home to stand out use visual tricks. These are interior designs that create a centerpiece in the room that will attract all the attention. The focal point objects are timeless, classy, and colorful. You can use art, a good architecture fireplace, or wallpaper.

Creative fabric

The fabric acts as the backbone of your interior design, and you can transition from one style to another by simply playing with the fabric. The patterns, tone, and colors can inspire luxury and comfort or adventure and free spirit. Search for a perfect blend of patterns and colors for your curtains, cushions, and rugs. These are the main fabric that you can play around with. Interior design is a continuous process as you remove or add items to present your personality.

Adjustable lighting

You will be shocked with the role that lighting plays in your interior design. Adjusting light from warm to bright can make the same room appear different. Unique styles of interior designs use lighting to magnify different aspects of the interior décor. Rooms that blend more than one theme in the interior design can use lighting to bring out specific themes in the room.

Medieval style

Medieval designing is one of the unique styles of interior designs that beats time. Remember the grand castle age? Imagine all that with a little touch of the modern age. The highlight of this style is wood. Most of the elements used in the décor are made of wood with dark bold colors and light fabric colors. However, to achieve a perfect medieval theme, you need a spacious room. The focal point of medieval themes is the fireplace.

There are various ways you can come up with unique styles of interior designs and blending different designs to achieve a single theme is one of them. However, expressing yourself in the designs is the ultimate way of coming up with a unique style of interior design.

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