Using Specific Colors for Interior Design


A home is a place that you can use as a getaway from all the chaos and busy schedule of your profession. Colors can act as mood lifters, and that is why it is important to choose colors that will work for you. Different rooms inspire various color choice that is associated with the mood and emotions of that particular room. When you are planning an interior design, the color theme is the first thing you come up with before you think of anything else. Marshall Erb Designs offers its clientele professional guidance on the wide array of color choices available that will suit the various needs.


This is the use of one color in coming up with the room’s decor. It is the safe play in interior designing because all the accessories and patterns are simple to incorporate because they are of the same color. However, monochrome can be boring to the eye after some time. The trick behind using monochrome in interior design is blending the base color with different shades, tones, and temperature of the color.

Neutral colors such as grey or white are often used in monochrome interior design to break the boredom. Metal accessories can also add an elegant touch to the design. Check with the Marshall Erb interior design to get guidance on how to pull out a unique monochrome interior design.

Analogous colors

These are colors that sit side by side on the color wheel. It is normally a set of three colors. When trying to pull out interior design with analogous colors the 60-30-10 Rule applies. The most vibrant color in the set is used as an accent, and the least vibrant is used as the dominant. The neutral color supports the dominant. The secret of coming up with a perfect analogous color interior design is using the same intensity in all the colors. Analogous colors tend to balance themselves, but you can add white or grey.

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The triad

As the name suggests, it is the use of three colors. The colors are often equally apart from each other. Pulling out an interior design with the triad can be challenging because only the pure hues are used. The primary colors form the perfect triad. Triad themes are jovial and lively that is why they have mostly used in games rooms and children bedroom.

Complementary colors

Complementary colors are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, and they are widely used in interior design. These colors are used in high contrast rooms but can also be used in small doses as highlights. When you decide to go for complementary colors one of the colors will be the dominant one, and the other will be the accent.

The colors are entertaining, and it can be a good idea to introduce neutral colors to provide balance. You can introduce warm and cool shades of the complementary colors to tone down the vibrancy. Paint the walls and ceiling with cool neutral colors and then use complimentary colors on accessories. Use the dominant color on the focal objects and let the accent color compliment.

Split-complementary colors

Split-complementary colors interior design is an option for people who love the complementary idea but find it too bold. It works by choosing a base color then on the color wheel, you select the two colors on either side of the opposite color. The base color acts as the dominant color and then use the other two colors to balance the room. You can achieve the complementary aspect but a calmer version.

Understanding the basic concept of colors is not so basic. Colors have meaning, and different rooms are associated with different colors depending on the mood and light intensity that you want to achieve.

Marshall Erb Design has mastered the skill of playing with colors and whether they are using the color wheel or gut instinct you are guaranteed to get the best. The functionality of the space and your personality have to be the driving forces behind the colors that you choose. One disadvantage of ignoring personality and following a trend is that trends have a time frame. Do not be afraid to try out something that makes you comfortable and happy.

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